Fall 2017

Fall 2017

Life is Paris is intense and dazzling. To live life to the fullest a multiwear wardrobe is required. The philosophy is clear: a women desires to feel sexy, confident, stylish and yet comfortable during any time of the day. D'ETOILES CASIOPÉ aims to design multipurpose fashion for these magnificent ladies..


When you want to look all that, especially walking your dog in Parc Bois de Bologne, you are wearing your bomber and sporty skinny pants matched with sneakers. When it’s time to have a coffee at café de Flor, the bomber is switched for a longer jacket with a hood with fancy top underneath. Come time for lunch you wear a sporty blazer with matching zippers to complement your outfit.


In the afternoon you visit Musée D’orsay and wear a silhouette dress combined with a single trench coat and a pair of heels. The simplicity of the dress combined with outside seams makes you look minimalistic yet feminine.


After the business meeting you make a quick visit to your petite apartment at Boulevard Saint Germain to change in to a longer V-neckline dress with a sexy split in front to show off those long legs. A short jacket and booties make your look for a date in Hotel Costes, awaiting for what's about to happen.

Colour palette for Fall 2017 has been designed to combine and compliment: red, army, grey, natural, black, navy, blue. The complete multiwear wardrobe is fabricated in stretch travelsuit fabric to match, fit the body, is breathable and yet comfortable to wear. The trend is minimalistic and timeless with eye for small detail in seams, zippers, lurex thread and sporty details, all plain, for Fall 2017.